Photo by Gen Montreuil

Hot Air Balloon Skydives!!!!

Balloon Jumps from 5000ft


Extra Altitude 

$10 per 1000ft above 5000ft. 

Non jumpers

$150 for a ride along to watch Skydivers jump. 


What time do we meet?

We meet an hour to hour and half before take off. We need this time to sign waivers, make payments, do the safety briefing and inflate the balloon. We’ll confirm meeting time the day before your balloon flight.


Is it going be cold?

Dress warm. You can always take layers off before we launch. There is also a fairly large flame above your head that might keep you a tad warmer. You might actually wanna bring a hat or helmet to shield the top of your head from the burner's heat, especially tall bold people. 


Can I bring a friend who doesn’t jump?

Yes. Tell your friend not to follow you when you jump. I recommend it. It’s good for their health. Friends pay for a half hour ride. $150. 


Can I bring a backpack or handbag in the basket?

Only bring what you really need. Like car keys and cameras. Space in the basket is limited


Can I leave my belongings in the basket when I jump?

A balloon jump is like a normal skydive. You don’t bring a backpack in the airplane, or take a jacket off before you exit.....right? You are fully kitted up, leg straps and chest strap tight, helmets on and gopros  sorted out.


Will we make it back to the dropzone?

Plan on landing off. There are plenty of large landing areas. You’ll be able to pick a landing spot before you leave the basket. 


Will someone pick us up when we land off ?

We have shuttle vans that will collect you and take you back to the dropzone so you can have breakfast and keep jumping while we pack up the balloon, unless you want to help. Its the biggest packjob you'll ever do. Takes about 20 min. 

What is the exit altitude?

5,000 feet, enough time to do a group exit, laugh at each other flailing, get stable, break off and pull. If the winds allow we can go higher than 5K. 


Can we jump from higher than 5000ft?

If winds allow we can go higher. $10 per 1000 feet above 5K.

Why are balloon jumps so expensive?

Balloon fabric is similar to parachute material. It is a ripstop Nylon, just a tad thicker than your canopy. Balloons fly because of the fact that hot air rises. HOT AIR!!! inside the balloon, heating up the fabric to boiling point or above for an hour or two per flight, sometimes reaching up to 270 degrees F or 132 degrees C. This deteriorates the balloon. Along with the sun beating down on the outside, as well as the desert dust, sand, twigs and occasional bush that tags along with it on landing. Balloons last for 350 to 500 hours before needing replacement.