Ballooning is an expensive sport. Shared flights are our most affordable flight option. We need a minimum of 6 people to fly. If your party is smaller we'll combine your group with others, or perhaps a few skydivers to meet the minimum amount of passengers to fly. Shared flights hold between 6 and 16 passengers. 

Morning Shared Flights per person


Afternoon Shared Flights per person


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Spend an hour above the earth with your special someone or a group of up to 16 friends and family members. You'll have the basket all to yourselves. Revel in the beauty of the desert and enjoy quality time together. 


     2 passengers  -  $ 900      

     3 passengers  -  $1100     

     4 passengers  -  $1300     

     5 passengers  -  $1500     

 6 passengers  -  $1600 

7 passengers  -  $1700

8 passengers  -  $1800

9 passengers  -  $1900

   10 passengers or more - $200 per person


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Flight time is 45 min to 1 hour plus. 

Total duration from meeting to farewell is about 2-4 hours.

For electronic or card payments please add a 3% transaction fee. 

We accept CASH, Credit Card, Apple Pay and Gpay.

Afternoon flights are limited to 12 passengers depending on passenger weight and ambient temperature. Balloons carry more weight when ambient temperatures are cooler as in the early mornings. 

Flights Details and FAQ's



Q: How to book my flight?

Ballooning is an extremely weather dependent activity. Therefore we take payments after your flight, not before. Give us a call, send us a text or an email to check availability. 

Q: What time do we meet?

A: Meeting times vary depending on the day of your flight. The best ballooning weather is early in morning, when it’s cooler and winds are calm. We meet an hour and half before take off. We need this time to sign waivers, do the safety briefing and inflate the balloon. Typically, plan to be at the meeting area at between 5:30am and 6:30am depending on the time of year. We will confirm the meeting time with you the day before. 

Q: What to wear?

A: Dress warm. When you wake up, open your front door, feel the outside temperature and dress accordingly. When its cold, gloves are nice. You can always take layers off. There is also a fairly large flame above your head that might keep you a tad warmer. Bring a hat to shield your head from the heat of the burners, especially tall bold passengers. Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes. High heals are not a great idea. 

Q: Are landings hard?

A: Landings are not hard, and usually as soft as tip toeing the basket back on the ground. In the event that the wind does pick up we’ll do a standard high wind landing, during which the basket will drag on the ground before tipping over. The basket has padding for your back, so as the basket tilts over you'll simply go from a crouched down position to laying flat on your back.  High wind landings do not happen often and our standard procedures make handling them comfortable. 

Q: How many people will the basket fit?

A: We have different size baskets for up to 16 passengers. The amount of people a balloon can lift changes with ambient temperatures. Mid-winter mornings our large balloon can lift 16 passengers. Early spring mornings that same balloon will only lift 12 passengers. 

Q: For groups larger than 16.

A: We can do multiple flights in one morning, weather depending.