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People Say the Nicest Things

Our goal is to provide a unique and thrilling experience on any flight you book. By flying with us you are not only supporting our team but you are keeping us in the air and supporting our dreams. We feel a fair exchange would be to provide you with the best experience that the droplyne team, and the wind direction that day, has to offer. With multiple launch spots to choose from we go the extra few miles , quite literally, to ensure a great flight path and safe landing. 

Don't take our word for it. Read what our Customers say. 

Paul Henkel.jpg

Paul Henkel

Amazing adventure! I highly recommend Cornelius and Droplyne. The pilot (Cornelius) was very informative with his safety instructions and how the balloon works, made me feel very safe. The flight was spectacular and I can’t wait to do it again!

cece diaz.jpg

Cece Diaz

Absolutely breathtaking !!! Thank you Cornelius this was quite the experience. Above all it was such a smooth ride and you made us feel safe. I really enjoyed that you were willing to answer all our questions and shared your experience. I can’t forget how awesome it was to see the skydivers do their thing!! Also you have a great crew!🥰 Sky above Earth below Fire 🔥 inside

Tracy Clark.jpg

Tracy Clark

We had a wonderful experience with Cornelius and his crew. The views were stunning and the team were professional and fun. We are talking about going again next year! 😉 Highly recommended 👌

Sugar and Spice.jpg

Sugar & Spice Draperies and Shades LLC

The balloon ride was all-the-way AMAZING! Cornelius, the pilot, was friendly and very clear with instructions on entering and exiting the basket. During the ride he answered questions and explained his flying techniques. After we were back in the ground he prepared a champagne toast with an explination of the history behind the toast. I would absolutely book another balloon ride with Droplyne!


Gary Couture

I would give Cornelius 500 stars. He is a total professional and knows everything about his business and what he is doing in the air.....I am completely confident and excited to book with him again in the future. He has a terrific support group backing him as well. We had such a great and awesome sunrise flight with 6 of us from our "Happy Hour" group....we will have more next time..!! Thanks my friend!!!

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