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10 000ft

Shared flight with Skydivers

Shared Flights

$219 per person

Private Flight

10 000ft

Private FLight

party of 1-3     $1200 for the group

party of 4-5     $400  per person

Party of 6-9     $365 per person

Party of 10+    $345 per person

Droplyne Balloons offers two flight options, namely private flights and shared flights. Our balloons carry a range of baskets meant for 2 passengers up to 16 passengers.  


With our 10 000ft PRIVATE BALLOON FLIGHT you will have the basket all to yourselves. We customize your experience using our fleet of different sized balloons to ensure every person has a spectacular view. The location of Droplyne Balloons, between Phoenix and Tucson, away from the city and above open desert and farmlands allows us to fly many times higher than any operator in the United States, because we can drift so much further. The higher you fly the better the views. We are well known for dropping jumpers for Skydive Arizona and being on a private flight you wont have anyone else onboard. Thus, if it is your wish to see someone jump from the balloon from 10 000ft we will happily arrange a jumper to impress you. From where we fly you will be able to see Phoenix, Tucson, San Tan Valley, Mount Lemmon, Picacho peak, Mount Newman, Chandler, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Eloy, Arizona city, the Superstitions as well as my personal favorite, the Sawtooth Mountain Range. With the Droplyne Balloons' 10 000ft PRIVATE BALLOON FLIGHT, you get what you pay for. 

A Shared Flight is our second flight option. This option is more on par with regular balloon rides where you share the basket with new friends for an hour. We do need a minimum amount of people to fly, so we will pair you with other groups to make sure we meet those minimums. The views are still amazing as we do fly to at least a couple of thousand feet in altitude. It might be a bit of a stretch to see Phoenix, Tucson or the Superstitions from here, but Mount Newman, Mount Lemmon, Picacho Peak and the Sawtooth Mountain Range, is still very prominent, along with the surrounding towns. 

Flight Duration Minimum 1 Hour

Total duration from meeting to farewell is about 2-4 hours.

For electronic or card payments please add a 3% transaction fee. 

We accept CASH, Credit Card, Apple Pay and Gpay.


72 hours before trip meeting time.

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Flights Details and FAQ's



Q: How to book my flight?

Book online, send us an email,, or give us a call at 831-233-8686.

Q: What time do we meet?

A: Meeting times vary depending on the day of your flight. The best ballooning weather is early in morning, when it’s cooler and winds are calm. We meet an hour and half before take off. We need this time to sign waivers, do the safety briefing and inflate the balloon. Typically, plan to be at the meeting area at between 5:30am and 6:30am depending on the time of year. We will confirm the meeting time with you the day before. 

Q: What to wear?

A: Dress warm. When you wake up, open your front door, feel the outside temperature and dress accordingly. If were are flying to higher altitudes it can be quite cold. When its cold, gloves are nice. Wear two or three layers. You can always take layers off. Bring a hat to shield your head from the heat of the burners, especially tall passengers. Wear closed-toe flat soled shoes. High heals are not a great idea. 

Q: Are landings hard?

A: Landings are not hard, and usually as soft as tip toeing the basket back on the ground. In the event that the wind does pick up we’ll do a standard high wind landing, during which the basket will drag on the ground before tipping over. The basket has padding for your back, so as the basket tilts over you'll simply go from a crouched down position to laying flat on your back.  High wind landings do not happen often and our standard procedures make handling them comfortable. 

Q: How many people will the basket fit?

A: We have different size baskets for up to 16 passengers. The amount of people a balloon can lift changes with ambient temperatures. Mid-winter mornings our large balloon can lift 16 passengers. Early spring mornings that same balloon will only lift 12 passengers. 

Q: For groups larger than 16.

A: We can do multiple flights in one morning, weather depending.

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