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The most common questions people have about our flight experiences are answered here. Once you book a flight with us you will receive an email with all the information needed to prepare yourself and your group for the adventure.

If you can't find the information you need below don't hesitate to reach out.

833 767 5963   or   83d rop lyne

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to book my flight?

A: Our online booking system will be online in June 2023. For now, please call or email to book a flight. 

Q: What time do we meet?

A: Meeting times vary depending on the location and time of year.

The best ballooning weather is early morning, when it’s cooler and winds are calmer. We meet about an hour before sunrise. We need this time to drive to the take off location, sign waivers, perform the safety briefing, and inflate the balloon.

For Sunrise Flights, plan to be at the meeting area at between 5am and 6am depending on the time of year. 

Q: What to wear?

A: Summer time in Moab, dress for the temperature outside when you wake up, and be sure you'll be removing a layer or two by the time we are done. 

Wear closed-toe flat soled shoes. High heels are sandals are not recommended. 


A: Winter time in Arizona can be chilly. Temperatures at altitude can be colder than on the ground. We recommend wearing multiple layers. Our pilots usually wear 2 to 3 layers, gloves and hats. If its warmer, you take off a layer or two and ditch the hat and gloves. Wear closed-toed flat soled shoes, high heels are sandals are not recommended. 


Q: How many people will the basket fit?

A: We have different sized baskets and balloons to accommodate up to 16 passengers. The amount of people a balloon can lift changes with ambient temperatures. Mid-winter mornings when its cooler our large balloon is able to lift 16 passengers. In the summer that same balloon will only carry 12 passengers.

We have smaller balloons for those special occasions and private flights. 

Q: What about groups larger than 16 people?

A: We can fly two balloons at the same time. In Arizona we can do multiple flights in one day. Usually a sunrise flight, followed by a 8am ish flight. 

Q: Where do we fly?

A: Each flight is a bit different due to weather conditions. Hot air balloons are at the mercy of the winds for which we have several take off and landing locations. We always plan for the best scenic flight while taking into consideration the wind direction for the day. 

MOAB: We fly Northwest of Moab town, between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

ARIZONA: Our closest launch with an Easterly wind is about 5min from the meeting spot. Our furthest launch is about 20min from the meeting spot. Unfortunately you cannot book an easterly wind in advanced. We tried but mother nature didn't quite get the memo. 

Where do we meet?

MOAB UTAH MEETING LOCATION: We meet at Gemini Bridges Trailhead and Campground. You can also google 7 mile parking. Ironically it is a parking lot 7 miles north of Town. It is also 1.3 miles south of the 313 turn off, on the west side of 191. It is paid parking, but Droplyne will be covering that cost and provide you with a parking tag. 

ELOY ARIZONA MEETING LOCATION: This is a fairly large parking lot. We meet in front of the Bent Prop Saloon and Cookery. Park in the parking lot, and walk over to the restaurant. If you are 20min early, look up and the stars and hang out, we are coming. If you don't like following instructions then rather click on the google maps link which will take you to the exact spot where we meet. Drive past and have a look, park your car, and walk over.

Q: What can I bring on the flight?

A: These are a few items that will make the adventure more memorable and comfortable: camera or phone, sunglasses, bottle of water, hat, gloves, jacket, sunscreen. Due to space restrictions in the basket backpacks and large handbags will not be permitted on the flight. Just bring what you need and leave the rest in your car.  

Q: What about bad weather?

A: We always look at the weather forecasts and reschedule flights on days that look to be poor flight conditions. With extreme conditions we will cancel your flight in advanced. This is not always possible. When conditions are moderate we may only make the cancelation decision in the launch field right before your planned take off. 

Q: Cancellations! Do we get our money back.

A:  If we cancel the flight due to weather, you will have the option to reschedule or be refunded in full. If you cancel the flight within 72 hours of trip meeting time, it will not be refunded and charged in full. 

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