You've jumped from a plane? That's cute!!!

Hot Air Balloon Tandem Skydives!!

So you've done a tandem skydive!!! What's next?


Learn to skydive by yourself with Skydive Arizona. Get your A licence (25 jumps), then your B license (50 jumps) and then do jump from a hot air balloon solo


do a tandem skydive from a Hot Air balloon. 

HOT AIR BALLOON TANDEM SKYDIVES is our version of Zero to Hero. 

Essentially, you will be attached to a skydiver that has probably skydived more times than you have tied your shoes (if you are around 40 years old) and he/she will walk you though every step of the way. 

You will be trained on how to exit the basket with your instructor, how to freefall, how to fly the parachute and how to land. 

Jumps are from between 7500 feet and 10 000 feet. That is about a 20 min scenic balloon flight, followed by a 35 sec freefall, topped off with a 7min parachute flight. The whole mission takes up to 4 hours, which includes doing the paperwork, setting up the balloon, the ride and jump itself, packing up and returning to the start point where you parked your vehicle. 

This is not for the faint hearted. You need to be in descent shape, and be aware that you might have a slide-in-on-the-butt landing in the desert. If you are not sure if this is for you I recommend you try a regular Tandem Skydive first  with Skydive Arizona. 

Full Professional Video and Photo Packages available from $100.

Hot Air Balloon Tandem Skydives Start at $850 pp.

Weight limit is 235lbs with additional costs above 200lbs.

Please read the frequently asked questions for both Skydivers and Balloon Rides. 








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