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Casa Grande
Nov - Apr
Casa Grande, home to the Casa Grande Ruins which tells a story of the Sonoran Desert people who's culture began here around 5500 B.C.E  Over time, as the climate grew hotter and drier and hunting and gathering became harder, the introduction of domesticated corn from Mesoamerica may have influenced the development of a more settled farming existence using water from mountain run-offs and rivers to irrigate their fields. By 450 C.E., these desert dwellers had formed a distinct culture, identified in part by their particular form of pottery called “red-on-buff", which can still be found in sacred places in the area. 

Droplyne offers a truly unique guided flight over this historically significant area in the Sonoran desert. Being the only balloon operator in the country to take flights up to 2 miles, 10 000ft, above the earth you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. At this altitude you are able to see distances of 70 miles or more, as far a Phoenix and Mt Lemon in Tucson. Even at lower altitudes you will be able to see the Gila Indian Reservation, the Tohono O'Odham Nation Reservation, the Picacho mountains with Mt Newman as the tallest point at 4500ft MSL and Picacho peak at 3300ft MSL.

If you are lucky you might even see skydivers in the air over Skydive Arizona, where we meet in the morning. 

Dress warm, bring a coffee, an open mind and be prepared to be thrilled. 


Casa Grande, Arizona

Shared Flight 

mingle with other groups

Fly with other passengers

1 hour flight
total trip time 3-4 ho
max group size 16 passengers

           $235 per person

*Taxes and fees included. 

*Video and Pictures available

Casa Grande, Arizona

Private Flight

for 5-12 Passengers

Your group only
1 hour flight
total trip time 3-4 hours

5-12 passengers per group

           $2820 per group

*Taxes and fees included. 

*Video and Pictures available


Meeting Time

Time of sunrise changes. Pick a date when booking and see your meeting time. 

Meeting Place

Skydive Arizona parking lot



Our meeting location is 4828 North Taylor Street, Eloy, AZ, 85131. This is the address of the Bent Prop Saloon and Cookery at Skydive Arizona. The restaurant will be open by the time you return from your balloon flight, although the bathrooms will be open when you arrive early morning. 

Please park in the parking lot and walk over to the restaurant. We will meet you there. 

From the meeting spots we will transport you in our vehicles to the launch site. The total trip length is between 3 and 4 hours with . After landing we invite you to join us in a champagne toast, a 260 year old tradition in ballooning. We will transport you back to your vehicles after the trip is completed. 


If possible please take care of business before we meet. There are bathrooms at Skydive Arizona as well. If you need to use the bathroom please arrive earlier. We do have a camping style latrine (6ft privacy tent with portable toilet) available for "mother nature calls" emergencies out in the launch and landing areas. 

What to wear.

Dress for the outside temperature that morning and dress in layers. 2 or three layers, with at least one thicker layer, gloves and a beanie will ensure you are warm. It will warm up as the sun rises and you'll want to take a layer or two off. Your pilot wears three layers all winter long and that ensures he is nice and toasty at altitude. You can always remove a layer. Wear closed toe shoes with flat soles. Please do not wear flip flops, sandals or heals. 

What to bring

Bring your cameras, your friends and a good attitude as we are going to have some fun. Please leave handbags and backpacks in your car. Unnecessary clutter in the basket is, well, unnecessary. Space in limited. 

We require 72 hours notice  before your flight's meeting time for a full refund. Within 72 hours of flight meeting time, cancellations are not refundable and your card will be charged in full on the day of your flight.
If Droplyne cancels your flight due to weather you will be refunded in full or you can choose to reschedule. 
Flights are transferable and may be used at our Utah location. 

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