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Sunday January 14th a tragic balloon accident took place near Eloy, Arizona. Four people lost their lives, and one person remains in critical condition. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of those who lost loved ones in that accident, and we hope and pray for a full recovery for the surviving member of that group.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Mike Duplak waits for the balloon to cool down so that crem members can deflate the balloon for packup and going home.

About Droplyne

Droplyne was formed in 2017 when Red Bull contracted us for a short film to commemorate the 1909 gas balloon race that was used to promote the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first event. 


A hobby that took flight in 2012 inflated into a multi-location balloon ride company. Taking passengers on daily balloon rides keeps the machine running, while organizing all kinds of wonderful occasions, projects and personal bucket list flights fuels our passion for flight.

From Halloween to Easter (Oct - Apr) our flights over Eloy/Casa Grande area, Arizona, takes you up to 10,000 ft above ground.


At 10,000 ft you can see as far as 70miles away in all directions. 

For the Spring to Fall months, Apr - Nov, we call Moab, Utah, home. Views of Canyonlands, Arches, red rock formations and the snowy tops of the La Sal mountain range is the standard everyday view from our office in the sky.


The only thing we love more than flying, is going somewhere else to fly. Our flying adventures has taken us to the the skies of 4 continents, 24 states, 8 countries and counting. 


Safety First

Our first priority is to keep everyone, including our crew, safe.

Whether this is your first hot air balloon ride or you are a seasoned flyer, you will feel comfortable on your adventure with us. 

We follow the Balloon Federation of America, keeping up to date with safety seminars and updated practices. Our Pilot is an FAA Commercial Pilot with a current First Class Medical Flight Physical and a healthy lifestyle. Our equipment is always up to code and well taken care of.  We have safety protocols in place. 

When we doubt safety, in cases of marginal weather, we do not fly, and the pilot in command always has the last and final say. If we cancel due to weather, we refund you in full.

Being a commercial operator, carrying passengers that do not know anything about ballooning, our safety protocols are high. 

We have a perfect safety record. 

Meet the Pilot

Ballooning requires a team, and from the chase crew to the pilot everyone plays a vital role that serves the company in making each flight a success.

john neels dog balloon.jpeg

Given the recent incident on 14 of January, we have abruptly halted all services, digital and physical. This has been nothing short of a shock for all those involved, so forgive us for not being able to process your requests in a more timely manner. As we continue with the many processes that are required in this trying time, we would like to assure you that all held bookings and deposits will be refunded in full. This may take some time, and we would very much appreciate your patience and understanding in the matter. Thank you in advance.

Founder and Pilot

Cornelius van der Walt 

I was introduced to the sky at 17 while paying for my new passion of skydiving and working underwater to pay for my new love. Later years, working my way up as a Skydiving Instructor I was able to begin to fund my love of Ballooning. My first lesson was also my very first time in a Balloon in Park City, UT. I love it.

Right at the time when I realized this hobby is getting out of control, Red Bull tipped me over the edge of turning ballooning into a business by being Droplyne's first official customer.

Home is where you park your balloon. In the summer I fly in Moab Utah. End of October, everything gets packed up for the trek back to Eloy Arizona, small town outside of Casa Grande. We are based here as we allow skydivers to jump from the basket while the spectators watch in awe. Don't worry. If you dont own I parachute you can stay in the basket with me. 

As a small business owner,  my hobbies include answering phones, fixing balloon chase vehicles, building websites, marketing, accounting, and everything in between. :-) Droplyne is growing and soon we will have 3 official locations where we fly for the best months of the year weather-wise. I really do appreciate your support. I think we do a pretty good job. Read our reviews and decide for yourself. 


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